Falkirk International Cultural Forum

The International Cultural Forum is a community-led organisation in the Falkirk area. The Forum has become a strong part of the Falkirk ethnic minority community having established office premises in the Bainsford area of the town.

Under the groups objective of inclusion for all, and building on the support given to developing the new Polish Community group United Polish Falkirk, the ICF has been supporting new migrant communities and organising events for the benefit of all international workers living and working in the Falkirk area.

Contact Details:
Khalid Sarwar, Chairperson
ICF Office, 2 Mungal Place, Falkirk
Tel: 01324 635115
e: info@icf-falkirk.org
web: www.icf-falkirk.org


The International Cultural Forum offer free advice and support to all on matters including:

  • Housing & Landlord Problems
  • Work – Money – Child Benefit and Income Support etc
  • Work Permits/Registration
  • Learning – Children’s education – language classes
  • Form and Document Filling – Interpretation – Translation
  • Disputes – Police – Personal Safety – Driving Laws – Reporting Crime
  • Health and Wellbeing – Access to Doctors and Dentists
  • Contraception – Abortion – Sexual Problems
  • Domestic Abuse – Sexual Harrasment
  • Support for Women

Emergencies and Out of Hours Services

If you or someone you know needs help please contact:

01324 635115


phone or text and we will phone you back!

07811 709352

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