Supporting Inward Migration

The Highland Wellbeing Alliance (a partnership of public agencies within the region) developed a Supporting Inward Migration strategy to identify the key areas where additional support is required, and secured funding from the European Social Fund to provide a programme of support to help address the issues.

The project has been split into 4 different areas of support. These are:

* English Classes
* Advice
* Family Support
* Fire Safety

The Supporting Inward Migration Microsite has information about a wide range of support services for both employers within the region, and individuals or families who have moved to the region and require help to settle into work and living in a new country.

Each section contains information about support whether you are an individual or an employer who has migrant worker employees or if you want to find out more about recruiting migrant workers.

Within each section there are also FAQ’s and case studies which show real life case studies of people who have moved to the region and settled into Highland Life. www.highlandlife.net/supporting_inward_migration

Online Welcome Pack

A web-based information resource for newcomers to the Highlands, in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian.


Highlands and Islands Multicultural Association

A migrant community initiative in the North of Scotland. Supported by the Highland Wellbeing Alliance. Produces a newsletter – Highlands & Islands Mixer – in Polish and English.


Gazeta z Highland

Gazeta z Highland is 16-page full colour tabloid-sized quarterly, published by Golspie-based Highland Times, and carries articles in Polish and English.

Highland survey on Youth Migration, May 08

This survey will attempt to uncover what makes young people want to stay or leave the Highlands and Islands. Launched online, the project has been aimed at 15 to 30-year-olds who have been brought up, or moved to the area.

Organisers Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), said the region had struggled to retain high numbers of young people. On the islands, there had been a particular issue with the levels of young women leaving.

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Migrant Workers in Rural Scotland: “Going to the Middle of Nowhere” (2007)
Research exploring international migration and rural areas.
click here to download pdf

Outer Hebrides Migration Study (Jan 2007)
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, in partnership with Western Isles Enterprise and Communities Scotland commissioned in-depth research into the issues around migration in and out of the Outer Hebrides.
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Overseas Migrant Workers in Highland: Council briefing paper, Nov 2006
The Wellbeing Alliance formed an Inward Migration Action Group to help meet the challenges, and at various times information has been collected for the Group on the numbers, origin, place of work and type of work of migrant workers from all parts of the world. This Briefing Note collates all of the information and provides a picture of the position up to April 2006.
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Migrant Workers in the Highlands and Islands (Oct 2005)
University of Highlands and Island (UHI) and the National Centre for Migration Studies on behalf of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
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