Fresh Talent Working in Scotland: changes

News from the Relocation Advisory Service at

FT:WiSS has a new name…

Yes! A new name, but the qualifying criteria stays the same.

The Scottish Government’s Fresh Talent initiative welcomes people from around the world who want to live, work or learn in Scotland .

As part of the simplification of the UK’s immigration system, from Monday 30 June 2008 the Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme (FT:WiSS) became part of the new  Post Study immigration category known as Post Study.

The good news is that international graduates and employers have nothing to worry about because the qualifying criteria remains the same.

If you want to work in Scotland under this migration route you must have graduated from a UK institution with a recognised qualification. Check the qualifications criteria.

Successful applicants will be granted permission to work in the UK for up to 2 years without a work permit.

Once your 2 years with Post Study have finished, under the new system it will be easier to move into Tier 2 of the Points Based System, if you have been with the same employer for six months, allowing you to stay and work longer in Scotland.

Scotland has led the way in supporting  international graduates to stay on in Scotland to work after their
studies. Over 8,000 highly qualified graduates have taken advantage of the Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme since its launch in 2005. Read Fresh Talent Case Studies.

As part of the ongoing Fresh Talent initiative, the Relocation Advisory Service (RAS) continues to offer help and advice to anyone who wishes to live, learn or work in Scotland and to work with employers to tap into talent from around the world.

New Points-based immigration system


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