Health and Safety at work: resources for migrants

Earlier this year, the Health and Safety Executive launched a new website aimed at workers from overseas and their employers, at

The HSE migrant workers website is designed to provide essential information, guidance and advice on workplace health and safety for workers from overseas and their employers. The web pages have been specifically developed to explain how health and safety law protects those working here from overseas. They also provide essential guidance on the roles and responsibilities of employers and workers under British health and safety law. Some parts of the site are available in several languages.

In 2004, HSE  published, jointly with the Trades Union Congress (TUC), a safety leaflet translated into 19 different languages. The leaflet – ‘Your health, your safety: A guide for workers’ – provides information about safety rights at work, the level of safety training that workers should expect from their employers, and who they should complain to if they believe their safety is being compromised by poor workplace practices. Copies of the leaflet can be accessed at the TUC website by clicking here or here at the HSE website

And HSE has also recently produced a pocket card aimed at overseas workers: ‘Working in the UK from overseas? – Your health and safety at work in agriculture and food processing’ . This provides basic and essential information on workers’ rights and responsibilities under UK health and safety legislation – the information applies to all industries, not just agriculture and food processing. It has been translated into several different languages. Click here for more info, or here to download the card in pdf format


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