Return of the Free Movement blog

Great news: the Free Movement blog is back, with inside knowledge, news, gossip and commentary on the wonderful world of UK migration controls, from a barrister specialising in immigration law.

First up is a post on Zimbabwean asylum seekers’ permission to work:

a reasonably credible rumour doing the rounds amongst lawyers as well as Zimbabweans themselves that Zimbabwean asylum seekers can apply for permission to work – presumably with a reasonable expectation of the application being granted.

check the post for more info and details on how Zimbabweans can apply.

Also some comment on the publication of what the UK Border Agency calls the “strict new jobs list for migrant workers”.

Favourite shortage occupation: meteorologists

It’s official: we don’t have enough home-grown talent in the weather forecasting department and need to import skilled weatherpersons from abroad. In order to tell us that it will rain again. The other highlight is ballet dancers. The full list is here.


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