Migration policy, racism and inequality in Scotland

“It strikes me that too often we seek comfort in a Scottish consensus that we are all Jock Tamsons’s  bairns – citizens of a fair and equal nation. We like to think we are free of racism and other inequalities because we prefer that to the truth.  In order to live up to our own self image we have to make the sentiment of our songs real, and openly say ‘this Scotland is not good enough’ , and then work to make it better. Our welcome and behaviour towards newcomers is only the starting point.”

Morag Alexander, Scotland Commissioner, Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland issued a warning that a falling population and increasing racism and xenophobia mean Scotland may not be socially and economiccally “fit for purpose” in the near future.

At the launch of a discussion paper on Scotland’s future –‘Room to Manoeuvre – Options for Migration policy, by Dr Sarah Kyambi – the Commission highlighted worrying population projections and some stark facts from the most recent Social Attitudes Survey.

The discussion paper considers the immigration policy divergence between the Scotland and UK governments, and looks at decentralised, regional migration management systems in other countries. It can be downloaded from the EHRC website by clicking here.


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