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Continental Drift: Understanding advice and information needs of A8 migrant workers in Scotland
(November 2008)
Exploited by landlords and employers, language difficulties and complex advice needs pose barriers to assistance for A8 migrant workers. Citizens Advice Scotland report based on the evidence of Citizens Advice Bureau clients across Scotland.
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State of the Nation – Race and Racism in Scotland 2008
(August 2008)
With the lack of information on race and racism increasingly recognised, Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance (GARA) has launched this “State of the Nation report, a collation of statistics and data relating to Black/Minority Ethnic (BME) people in Scotland.
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Report on the Situation of the Roma Community in Govanhill, Glasgow
(July 2008)
This Report brings together research into the social exclusion of Roma minority groups in Europe and their challenges in migrating to Western Europe. It particularly focuses on the significant Slovak Roma community in Govanhill, Glasgow. The study examines the work of service providers, and looks at successes and challenges within broader political, social policy and cultural contexts.
University of West of Scotland. Commissioned and funded by South East Glasgow Community Health and Care Partnership and Oxfam.
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Migrant Workers in Fife
(February 2008)
A Fife multi-agency working group commissioned this survey to gather information about migrant workers in Fife. It will help providers of services to gain a better understanding of these workers’ needs and aspirations, and to consider the policy implications for service planning and delivery. It involves face-to-face interviews with 904 migrant workers.
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A Community Profile of EU8 Migrants in Edinburgh
(December 2007).
This report details findings on a study which focuses on the demography of EU8 migrants in Edinburgh and their access to health, housing and other social care services, including a case study of a frontline homelessness service in Edinburgh.
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Migrant Workers in Aberdeen City and Shire
(November 2007).
Aberdeen City Council briefing paper giving: an indication of the scale of the inflow of migrant workers to the area; a summary of research and information; a comparison of key findings with other Scottish local authorities; a summary analysis of data, looking for trends and patterns that may affect future service delivery in Aberdeen City and Shire..
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Migrant Workers in Dumfries and Galloway
(October 2007).
ScottishEnterprise Dumfries and Galloway commissioned this research from Hall Aitken and Ionad Naiseanta Na H-Imrich (National Research Centre for Migration Studies) on to help them understand how migrant workers interact in the local economy so that they can effectively plan and direct support in the future.
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A Study of Migrant Workers in Grampian
(July 2007)
The aims of this Communities Scotland study were to: identify how and in what ways the public sector agencies might improve their response to migrant workers; assess the level of service provision they will need to plan for; provide an understanding of health issues in relation to migrant workers in Grampian, consistent with the provision of an effective health service.
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A8 Nationals In Glasgow
(May 2007)
Glasgow City Council in partnership with East Renfrewshire Council and Renfrewshire Council commissioned a study to examine the numbers, experiences and needs of A8 nationals living in the three areas and help inform future planning and delivery of services.
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Housing, Work and Welfare Experiences of New Migrants
(March 2007).
Background report for the Door Step project, an innovative multimedia project developing a network of refugee and migrant community advice workers
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Employer Study into the Impact of Migrant Workers in Orkney
(March 2007)
Analysing employers’ perspectives of impact of recent migration and areas or issues which might arise, in particular those that might require public sector intervention.
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Achieving a Better Understanding of A8 Migrant Labour Needs in Lanarkshire (Feb 2007)
Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire and North and South Lanarkshire Councils commissioned this research to establish current issues and future implications for public service delivery.
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Outer Hebrides Migration Study (January 2007)
In 2005, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, in partnership with Western Isles Enterprise and Communities Scotland commissioned in-depth research into the issues around migration in and out of the Outer Hebrides.
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Migrant Workers in Rural Scotland: “Going to the Middle of Nowhere”
Exploring international migration and rural areas. With appropriate interventions by the relevant authorities, rural communities may recognise the contributions by migrant workers. However, issues of securing “high quality employment” are as pertinent for the migrant population as they are for other rural community members, many of whom have left their communities to find employment elsewhere.
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A8 migrants workers and their experience of homelessness in Scotland(July 2006)
Overview: Scottish Council for Single Homeless study to establish how Scotland’s local were addressing the needs of homeless A8 migrants. The survey sought to quantify the level of demand for services and identify any other specific issues.
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The Tayside Migrant Labour Population: Scale, Impactsand Experiences (March 2006)
A Report to Communities Scotland in partnership with Angus Council, Perth & Kinross Council and Scottish Enterprise Tayside carried out by Scottish Economic Research, Dundee Business School, University of Abertay, Dundee. The study aimed to evaluate the social and economic benefits and challenges that Tayside’s
migrant worker population bring to the area, and revealed the migrant worker population helping to address a shortage in local labour markets.
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Examining the Impact of EU Enlargement and the Introduction of the UK Citizenship Test on Provision of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in Scotland (2007)
Scottish Government Social Research
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Migrant Workers in the Highlands and Islands(October 2005)
University of Highlands and Island (UHI) and the National Centre for Migration Studies on behalf of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
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