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The Economic Impact of Migration (April 2008)
Published by a committee of the House of Lords (the unelected section of the British parliament) on April 1, questions government figures on the economic benefits of immigration, and calls for a cap on immigration from outside of the EU.
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Estimating the scale and impacts of migration at the local level (Nov 2007)
Commissioned by the LGA, this research by the Institute of Community Cohesion looks at the scale of recent changes and the impact on local services. Migration has many beneficial impacts but is increasing the UK population and, with it, the demands upon local services. This report presents a wealth of material, provided by local authorities, about the scale and nature of impacts on local services.
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The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration (October 2007)
A Cross-Departmental Submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs
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New European Migration: Good Practice Guide for Local Authorities (June 2007)
IDeA guide covering a wide range of issues, focusing on both support for migrants and support for the settled community in coming to terms with change. It draws on good practice examples from a variety of local authorities in different parts of the country, and seeks to spread good practice wider.
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Crossing Borders: Responding to the Local Challenges of Migrant Workers (January 2007)
Audit Commission report intended to help local authorities and their partners manage changes brought about by migrant workers moving to an area, by understanding better what is going on locally and developing appropriate strategies and services. It will be most useful for organisations in areas with limited recent experience of migrant workers. The report also suggests how national and regional responses could be better targeted to support local change
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A8 migrant workers in rural areas, Briefing Paper (January 2007)
Commission for Rural Communities briefing paper provides an evidence base on the current numbers of the A8 migrant workers in rural areas, and the impact this is having on rural economies and societies. It also reviews some of the literature on the subject.
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Employers use of Migrant Labour (2006)
The Institute for Employment Studies was commissioned by the Home Office to conduct research into the recruitment and employment of migrant workers in the UK. This research formed part of the preparation for change from the current economic migration system to the new Points Based System.
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The Impact of Free Movement of Workers from Central and Eastern Europe on the UK Labour Market (2005)
Department for Work and Pensions Working Paper draws together the available evidence in order to make an early impact assessment for the response of the UK
labour market to migrant flows from the accession countries.
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